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Bob: the Irreplaceable and the future of the Parish Magazine

For the past 11 years, Bob Austen has been the award-winning editor of our Parish Magazine. 

The Magazine has flourished and is now a very professional and attractive publication. However, with many other commitments in Wargrave, Bob has decided that it is now time to step down as Editor. The secret of his impressive time management is found in the work of the Beatles, as Bob too works 8 days a week!

In some ways he is a victim of his own success, as there is no one able to take on the role of Editor of the Magazine in its current format, which has been known to stretch beyond 40 pages. If you would like to take over Bob’s Editor role, please, please liaise with me. However, if no one comes forward, our plan is for the Parish Magazine to continue in a slimmed-down format, which we will be able to produce without all of Bob’s editorial input. In addition, despite the much appreciated effort of Jim Hadden, it has become harder to maintain the advertising revenue necessary to underwrite the cost of producing the present magazine. 

From February 2024, the Magazine will appear as high-quality production of 4 sides of A4. It will contain key information, messages and photos, celebrating the life and events of the Parish, but with fewer articles and features. It will continue to be produced every month except January and August, so the first copy will be distributed in February. 

As it is less weighty, there will be a price reduction to just £5 per year, to cover costs. While we will miss the Magazine in its current form, we hope that you will like the new version and we are open to receiving your .


You will receive 10 editions per year (no editions produced in January & August).

If you live in the Parish and you are interested in receiving a physical copy of the magazine delivered to you, the annual fee is £5 per year. 

If you do not live in the Parish and you wish to receive the magazine the annual fee is £12 which covers postage.

Subscriptions are renewed at the end of each year. 

To subscribe, please download and complete our Subscription Form or call/.

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