Home Groups

Attending church on Sunday is very important, but it rarely gives ample opportunity to ask questions, to raise or share problems. This is where ‘Home Groups’ are invaluable. A Home Group is a group of Christians who meet to learn together and from each other, in the more personal and relational setting of someone’s home or online.

Why join a Home Group?

The groups vary in flavour but the aim is always to grow in the Christian faith, and be encouraged to live out that faith in everyday life. The groups fulfil a very important pastoral role too, in supporting each other through life’s ups and downs by prayer, practical support and friendship.


Maybe you travel to another church, but would like to form friendships with Christians more locally? Maybe you find large gatherings difficult or find Sunday morning church uncomfortable? A Home Group may be just what you are looking for. St Mary's has up to 10 meetings in Wargrave throughout the week, for both young people and adults. If you would like to find out more, please or call 0118 901 6720.


Our groups meet regularly throughout the week.  Not all are every week, so please check with the group leader as to specific dates.

No group activities
Ladies' Bible Study - 9.30am
Tuesday Youth Group - 7.20pm
Ephesians 1:17 - 7.45pm
Wednesday House Group - 7.30pm
Pints of View  - 7.30pm
Men's Group - 8pm
Braybrook Gardens - 8pm
No group activities
Monthly Ladies' Breakfast - 9.30am (monhtly)

Contact leaders for access details and for meeting dates.

To join any of the groups, please see our homegroups for further details.

Tuesday - Ladies Bible Study



Coffee, Bible study, discussion, and prayer.  or call 0118 940 2202 for more details.

Tuesday - Youth Group (for teenagers)


image'Tuesday Group' for 13-18s 7-9pm every Tuesday (in term time) in the Church Centre. A meal, fun and Bible exploration. Contact Grace Barne 0118 437 8507. See also    Tuesday Group  

Tuesday - Ephesians 1:17


McCraes Walk and Silverdale Road. Online when that is not possible. Prayer, Bible study and discussion.  for more details.

Wednesday - Evening Group


Email or call 0118 940 2499 or contact Ruth Howse on 0118 932 0677.

The Group currently meets on a telephone conference call and in between Wendesdays, group members can be in touch with each other to share news and matters for prayer. 

Wednesday - Pints of View


Until further notice we will have a Zoom online meeting for a lively chat and study for men.  For further details on how to join contact Doug Clark 0118 940 1107.

Wednesday - Men's Group


Every Wednesday evening (in term time) in the church centre. We eat together from 7.45pm and then have an informal Bible based discussion until just after 9pm. for more information.

Thursday - Braybrooke Gardens

image2nd and 4th Thursdays, 8pm-9.30pm 

Bible commentary or theological book as the basis for discussion, having agreed which chapter(s) to read for the next meeting. or call 0118 940 2298.

Saturday - Ladies Breakfast

image9.00-10.45am, Church Centre (check if elsewhere). Light breakfast and exploration of Christian faith from a feminine perspective. Contact Linda Caradine  0118 940 4231

In this time of uncertainty remember 'The Lord's unfailing love and mercy still continue, fresh as the morning, and as sure as the sunrise' (Lamentations 3: 22-23)

Contact Lesley Turville 0118 901 6720