The Electoral Roll

What is it?

This is a list of church members who, by being included on the Roll, have the right to attend the Annual Parochial Church Meeting and elect, or be elected as, members of the Parochial Church Council and Deanery Synod representatives. It is the nearest thing a Church of England Parish has to a formal Membership qualification, and members, even though not residents in the parish, can also qualify to act as Sidesmen at church services, apply to send children to church schools, and be married or buried at the Parish Churches. The wider Church uses the numbers of members in a variety of official statistics

Becoming a member of the Electoral Roll implies accepting a responsibility in corporate worship, prayer, service, fellowship, financial support and sharing the Gospel, so that the Lord Jesus Christ may be glorified.

The current list of members is displayed publicly in our Churches, but for Privacy reasons their contact details are no longer included.

Electoral Roll

Joining the Electoral Roll

Joining the Electoral Roll requires a signed application form.  This can be done throughout the year and anyone that regularly attends the church can do so.  Every six years at the Annual Church Meeting, the Roll is renewed from scratch by fresh applications, 2025 will be our next full Electoral Roll.  Blank Application forms will continue to be available in Church and for download from here. When completed, they should be passed to the PCC's Electoral Roll Officer .

Electoral Roll Application Form