Children's Baptisms

Your child is precious to you and every human life is also precious to God.  Many parents want to mark the birth of a child with a special service of celebration.

The Christian practice of Baptism was modelled by Jesus himself as he was baptised in the river Jordan.

In baptism, Godparents and parents are thanking God for the gift of life, and also making a decision on behalf of the child to start a journey of faith. This happens during a regular Sunday morning service so that the Church family can both welcome the child and commit to them in the years to come.

Baptisms at Wargrave & Knowl Hill

To start the conversation about having your child baptised, please contact the office on 0118 940 2300 or

We can walk you through the process and provide you with a 'Baptism Pack'.  This includes information about:

  • what is the difference between a Baptism, Christening & Thanksgiving
  • what is involved in a Baptism
  • do you need to be a regular churchgoer
  • what to consider when choosing a godparent

In addition to other key points.

We will also ask you to complete our Baptism Form.

Following this inital call, we will arrange for one of the Clergy team to contact you and perhaps meet up to discuss further.

During this visit,  you will be shown a DVD and will have the opportunity to discuss the service in more detail.

Choosing a Date

Baptisms are usually held during the 9.45am Sunday service and upon discussing with a member of the Clergy team you will be able to reserve a date.

Adult Baptisms

Whenever it happens, whether as a baby, child or adult, baptism is at the heart of an amazing journey of faith as a follower of Jesus Christ. You are never too old to take this step, and being baptised as an adult is a wonderful experience.

If you are interested in being baptised and are over 18 years, please to discuss further.

More Information...

The Church of England has a helpful website which explains more.