Church Work in Schools

The Parish nominates Foundation Governors to our schools as follows:


Robert Piggott Infant & Junior Schools:

Camilla Cook, Liz Sutcliffe & David Wyatt


Crazies Hill Primary School:

David Wyatt


The Piggott School:

John Cook,  & Michael Simpson


Knowl Hill Primary School:

Sandra Baker


Each week the five church schools in the parish are visited, either to hold assemblies or to meet with teachers and pupils. We also provide Foundation Governors at all of these schools.

An initiative in 2018 was a partnership between the Robert Piggott Junior School and the Church. Each term a volunteer team delivered an afternoon RE session on more challenging topics, where children got to met and question adults about their Christian faith.

Each session used a variety of learning strategies and met the local RE syllabus objectives.. To help in these sessions, contact Andy Ferguson: or 07778 498659 for more information

Assemblies are regularly taken in all of our schools

Robert PiggottAndy Ferguson and Richard Eves 
The Piggott Richard Eves
Crazies Hill John Cook 
Knowl Hill Steve Turville 

There are other ways in which we can help in these schools:

  • Listening to individual children reading 
  • Supporting children with basic maths by playing games with them 
  • Supporting younger children (5-7 year olds) playing word games or board games 
  • A weekly chess club

 Less Frequent Help:

  • Weekly or fortnightly gardening 
  • Sweeping and tidying the Junior School paths between the buildings (especially in the Autumn!) 
  • Clearing the Junior School guttering 
  • Occasional lunchtime duty when staff are sick or the schools are short staffed 
  • Help with special projects - sewing, cooking and such like

If you would like to help in any of these ways, please contact Bob Austen and he will make the necessary introductions and arrangements.

 0118 940 3038 / 07970 611013 or email