The Parochial Church Council

The PCC Membership comprises the Clergy, the Churchwardens, five elected Deanery Synod Representatives, sixteen elected members representing St. Mary's, Wargrave, two elected members representing St. Peter's, Knowl Hill (including St. Paul's Warren Row). There may also be up to three co-opted members. The Officers (Hon Treasurer, Hon Secretary and Electoral Roll Officer) do not have to be members, but are usually either elected or co-opted members.

Following the Annual Parochial Church Meeting on 4th July 2021, the following are the members of the Parochial Church Council for the current twelve months:

* Revd John Cook
 * Revd Richard Eves
* Revd Steve Turville
* Ian Matthews
 Mark Puddy
* Sandra Baker (Knowl Hill)
Deanery Synod Reps
Sue Griffiths* Sheila Williams
(PCC Secretary)
Karen Lloyd
Elected Members:
Knowl Hill
Karen Larkins  
Mike Buckland
Linda Caradine
* Doug Clark
Rosemary Creedon
Andy Ferguson
Helen Gradon
Karen Lloyd
Peter Mayes

Christine Walker
Sarah Whiteside
* Jane Wills (Hon Treasurer)
Sue Witney

* Members of the Standing Committee are marked with an asterisk. There is currently no regular pattern of meetings of the members of the Standing Committee, but it may be convened when required.