Youth Resources

Resources for children during lockdown

 (for 3-11 year olds and their parents!)


The list of resources here are to help you and your family hear from, sing and pray to the Lord Jesus - especially when we can’t encourage each other to do so when we can’t meet physically. 


Faith in Kids 

Faith in Kids are offering loads of live interactive sessions, or else you can watch the recordings from their facebook or youtube channels. Check out their facebook or their youtube page 

Junior Jiverson Mondays / Wednesdays / Thursdays / Fridays is for younger ones up to the age of 5 or 6 which includes singing, dancing and a story about Jesus. Great to keep little ones entertained, and learning about Jesus

Sunday School lessons for lockdownare weekly resources produced especially for parents to teach their kids through Matthew’s gospel during lockdown. The lessons will be released every Wednesdays and are open to all ages

Family Podcast is exactly that. A podcast accessible for the whole family - fun and rooted in the bible. At the moment Ed and Jam are helping their listeners think about Ephesians. Released each Tuesday available on Spotify and other places you get podcasts!

Daily Family Bible Timeis live at 8.30am each weekday on facebook and youtube.

They are also providing some Sunday Club lessons for lockdown, updated each Wednesday. Click below to see it.




GoMinno (Costs…but worth it!)

Not everything can be free…But a really good investment for the weeks ahead could be a subscription to Minno. They host many quality children’s bible videos. We have watched several of these in the past at St Mary’s. Worth checking it out.


Colin Buchanan 

We sing loads of Colin’s songs in Sunday Club! As well as Colin’s music he has just started to produce short videos ideal as a family devotion (though there are only a few videos so far) There is some bible, some songs and a prayer. Perfect for younger families (0-7s). Click here to keep up to date with new videos as they come out. There are matching colouring sheets too!




Daily Devotions

The Good Book Company daily family resources

Why not use this time to make the most together as a family by doing one of the best things you can - getting into God’s word! There are loads of helpful resources at The Good Book Company or who are still delivering. Table Talk are good for younger kids, and Wise Up or Listen Up by Martin Machowski are a little fuller. 

If you haven’t received a copy of Table Talk from St Mary’s please do let us know. We’d love to give you a copy.


For Parents

How to care for children and young people…by Mel Lacy

Mel Lacy is at the forefront of Children’s and Youth work. Some members of St Mary's have all attended some of her training. Her blog post has great advice, particularly for parents of teens, with 6 great principles as we face extended lockdown See

Music & Memory Verse Songs

Awesome Cutlery

We have started to learn some of Awesome Cutlery’s songs recently and they are soon going to be doing some live streaming. Details to follow soon on their facebook page.

Seeds Family Worship - 20 Verses in 2020

Loads of great content producers are making their resources free including Seeds family worship. Their most recent videos of 20 Verses for 2020 are free. In 4 step ‘Gather, Pray, Play & Read’ your family can be learning bible verses together. 

Emu Music

Great songs which are easy to sing along to. You can access them on youtube




Big Picture Bible Craft

Crossway publishers have made available a GIANT book of bible crafts, from the quite simple - all the way up to master craftsman! You’ll need access to a printer to get most of the templates. 


More resources to follow…

We’ll try to update this page on a regular basis. Any questions or ideas, please do get in touch with Camilla ().


And very importantly, Holiday Club is in the planning. Watch out for news of…….


‘The Great Escape!’