Update 07.01.2021

Due to the latest lockdown measures, all in person Sunday Youth Activities are currently suspended.

We are delighted, however, to have Sunday Club @4 taking place each Sunday on Zoom for Reception to Year 6.  Do join us.

Sunday Club @4

Starting on the 17th of January at 4pm we're going to be having lots of fun for 30mins looking at the people who shared a meal with Jesus. It's a great way to look at some moments in Jesus' life and get to know him better. We'll have a chance to play games, learn to sing some new songs, watch some video clips and think about what we've learnt together. Once you are booked in we will send you an email with the Zoom details and details of our craft activity. For the first week you'll just need pens and paper, in subsequent weeks we will deliver bags with craft materials to your doorstep.

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