Sunday 6th December - Second Sunday in Advent

Vicar's Thought


Genuine Christianity has radical consequences. In this section of Luke, Jesus speaks about his coming 'baptism' and added, "And how distressed I am until it is completed" referring to the crucifixion which would overwhelm him with grief. While that great sacrifice would save multitudes of people it would also lead to ‘fire’ and ‘division’.

One obvious way ‘fire’ and ‘division’ can be linked together is seen around the world for when Christians make a moral and spiritual impact on society folk can be inflamed with opposition to the gospel. Even members of the same family can be divided from each other. The Apostle Peter says Christians can rejoice while suffering grief in all kinds of trials because our faith may "…be proved genuine and may result in praise, glory and honour when Jesus Christ is revealed." (1 Peter 1: 6-7)

Notice in this Advent season we are steadied in our living by the expectation of Jesus’ second coming.

Bible Readings

Click to read the Bible readings for the week: Psalm 1: 1-6, Luke 12: 49-53

Lord the light of your love is shining


Lord the light of your love is shining - Shine Jesus Shine (WP 71)
Longing for light (WP 66)
Lo, he comes with clouds descending (296)

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Please pray for

Our Community: for all those confused by the new tier restrictions and what they imply for an alternative Christmas.

Our Country: for the quick administration of vaccines and their healing capabilities.

Those unwell & recovering: for God's healing on all those in pain and suffering.

Those grieving the loss of loved ones, especially for the family of Sadie Mitchinson, Sally Akers' mother.

A Special Prayer: For all those that have recently lost jobs, thinking especially of those working for Debenhams and the Arcadia Group, and all those suffering economic hardship or anxiety.

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