Sunday 7th March - Third Sunday of Lent

Thought for the Week

Pre read: Matthew 7: 7-12

In our final extract from Jesus's 'Sermon on the Mount' for the time being, Jesus teaches us of our need to be hungry for God.

A disciple is a ‘follower’ which means that we shouldn’t be standing still. Our journey doesn’t stop at our baptism. The root meaning of ‘disciple’ is ‘learner’ and so our Christian life should be one of movement and growth. I don’t mean knowledge for the sake of knowledge about God, but the desire to want to know God personally as Father, Saviour and friend. This is the relationship that God wants us to want – not for His sake but for ours. He wants us to ask Him for more; He wants us to run after Him; He wants us to knock at His door; and He wants us to keep on doing it because it is impossible for us to ever have enough of all that He wants to give us. He is a good, good Father and we are loved by Him. Jesus says that if even we who are flawed in so many ways, know how to give good things to our children, then God who is perfect will give even more to his children. But He won’t force anything on us – which is why we need to ask, seek and knock.

Then as we are blessed by our Father, Jesus teaches us to bless others, to treat others as we would be treated – what has become known as ‘The Golden Rule’. It’s so easy to become a bit selfish isn’t it? A bit too focussed on our own needs. There is nothing wrong with loving ourselves! That’s not being selfish or arrogant. That’s seeing ourselves as God sees us – precious, unique and made in His image. But, Jesus teaches us of our Christian duty to see others like that too.

As we go through Lent, let’s make that effort to pray for others, to be kinder to others and more forgiving. Amen?

Bible Readings

Click to read the Bible readings for the week: John 18: 1-14, 1 Corinthians 1: 18-25

Please pray for

  • For God to give us a greater hunger for Him
  • For God to give us His Spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that we know Him better
  • For all children whose parents don’t know how to give them good things
  • For those who are sick and awaiting medical treatment
  • For those who mourn
  • For everyone to be patient with the Covid-19 restrictions
  • For wisdom for our Government

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