Weekend Postponed to March 19-21 2021 due to Coronavirus. Existing bookings can be transferred.

Future Event - Church Weekend - March 2020

A return to Denham Grove which we last visited a couple of years ago for a time of being church family together, Facilities include a gym, swimming pool, bar, games area and spacious landscaped grounds. Our speaker, the Rev. Peter Wilkinson will be joining us from St. Ebbe's Church, Oxford, and will open God's word to us in sessions of teaching and worship.. 

  • WHEN?  From dinner  on Friday evening on 27th March 2020 until after Sunday lunch on 29th March 2020.
  • WHERE? Denham Grove is a  **** Hotel, set in Colne Valley Regional Park in Buckinghamshire (45 mins away from Wargrave)
  • COST?  Including accommodation, all meals, facilities and activities, the cost will be:
  • £195 pp for a single room
  • £145 pp  for a double/twin room
  • £68 pp for children aged 5-12


BY 31ST MARCH 2019  (Payment plan available)



 Please download and complete this form and pass it to Hugh Barne.
More leaflets with forms available in Church. 

Final Payment for Denham Weekend

Message from Hugh Barne - 16th Jan 2020

The Church Weekend Away is drawing into view, which is an exciting prospect (something to lift our spirits on 'blue Monday' next week). I'm really looking forward to our time away together, we'll be planning some more elements over the next few weeks and sharing details of the programme. 

 We are due to pay a large lump sum to the hotel on the 27th January (50% of our total booking value) and so it would be a great help to our cash flow if people were able to pay their balance before this date. The good news is that we now have a fancy new card machine at church that can be used for this exact purpose. From this Sunday onward I would be happy to wield this after the service and process any payments that you would like to make in this manner.  If you would prefer to pay by cheque then this remains an option.

 There was some ambiguity about deposit payments, for which I apologise (some have paid £45 per person, some £45 per shared room). This will affect your balance due.

 If you are sharing a room and have paid a £45 deposit each then the remaining balance for each person is £100

If you are sharing a room and have paid a £45 deposit between you then the remaining balance for each person is £122.50

If you are in a single room and have paid a £45 deposit then your remaining balance is £150

 Jane has very kindly provided a list of all the deposit payments that appeared in the account, so I can check this if anyone is unsure what deposit amount they paid. For anything more complicated than these scenarios then come and talk to me and we can work it out. If for any reason you sadly aren't able to join us, then this is the moment to let us know. 

 Regards, Hugh