The Church of St. Peter is located beside the busy A4 "Bath Road" in the smaller village of Knowl Hill. It dates from Victorian times, and its original Parish was created partly out of Wargrave and partly out of the Hurley Parishes. After a period of being linked with the Church of St John the Evangelist, Littlewick Green it was reunited with Wargrave in 2003 and now has the status of a second Parish Church in the Parish. The work of St Peter's is concentrated on a single Sunday service twice a month, but its members maintain an active focus for social activities in the community of Knowl Hill, along with the Village Association which has its own Website. There is a Church School next door. 

St Paul's Mission Church in the hamlet of Warren Row is the smallest of the three churches in the Parish and is a "Tin Tabernacle"  bought in kit form for just over £100 in 1894. It stands within the former Parish of Knowl Hill to serve this tiny community nestling between the woods of Bowsey Hill and Ashley Hill. For many years its services were taken by a Church Army Captain and supported financially by a local family. 

Sunday Services


1st Sunday of the month         10.30am           Village Praise, Knowl Hill

2nd Sunday of the month          9.15am          Holy Communion (BCP), Warren Row

3rd Sunday of the month           9.15am          Holy Communion, Knowl Hill

4th Sunday of the month         10.30am          Morning Worship, Wargrave

5th Sunday of the month         10.30am          Holy Communion, Wargrave