Annual Parochial Church Meeting

The Annual Meeting for 2019 will be held in St. Mary's Church on Sunday April 7th at about 11.00 am, immediately following a shortened 10.30 morning service. 

The meeting follows the usual format - first the Annual Meeting of Parishioners to elect two Churchwardens for each Church. 

Then follows the Annual Parochial Church Meeting.The main aspects to this meeting:are

  • Presentation of reports on the life of the Church during 2018 - click the following link to read or download them: 2018 parish report.pdf
  • Presentation and review of the full inspected and approved Financial Accounts - Click the following link to read or download them: 2018 accounts.pdf
  • Presentation of the fully revised Parish Electoral Roll - in separate sections for Wargrave and for Knowl Hil/Warren Row.
  • Election of  Deanery Synod Representatives and PCC members 
  • Appointment of Sidesmen

The meeting provides an opportunity both to look back over the preceding year 2018, and to look forward at the opportunities to grow the work of the Churches into the future. 

Nomination forms for the election of Churchwardens and PCC/Synod members can be downloaded here:

Churchwarden:  2019-C2-Nomination-of-Churchwardens.pdf   

PCC Member:  2019-M3-Nomination-for-election-to PCC.pdf  

Deanery Synod Member:  2019-D2-Nomination-Deanery-Synod.pdf  

Churchwardens Opportunity


To listen to them click here



 As Bob Austen announced in Church on Sunday, an opportunity arises for not one, but two Churchwardens here in Wargrave! This would ideally suit two friends who can work together with the help and support of past Churchwardens Peter Mayes, Christine Walker and Bob himself.

Alternatively, we would welcome individuals to come on board. Either way, the right support is there and interested parties can be reassured that the role these days is not as hands-on as in the past; most of the systems are already in place and it is now more supervisory in nature. It is an interesting and satisfying position.

Please talk to Bob or any of the clergy if you would like to find out more.


 Bob Austen Tel: 0118 940 3038   email: