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Sun 23rd Dec 2018 10:30 Wargrave 10.30am Micah 5: 2-5a, Luke 1: 39-56 Luke's Countdown to Christmas The Magnificat John Cook
Sun 16th Dec 2018 10:30 Wargrave 10.30am Zeph 3: 14-20, Luke 1: 26-38 Luke's Countdown to Christmas God of the ordinary, the extraordinary, to be trusted. Hugh Barne
Sun 09th Dec 2018 10:30 Wargrave 10.30am Malachi 3: 1-4, Luke 1: 1-25 Luke's Countdown to Christmas God's Grace for all John Cook

How to search the media library for Recorded Sermons

Most sermons at St. Mary's are recorded and are available as computer files (.mp3)  so that you can listen to them on your computer at home, or download them to transfer them to your portable music player (eg iPod). These files are stored in the Media Library, which holds the most recent sermons preached and recorded. An archive of sermons from several years back is kept and . Click on "Play" or the Right-chevron in the black box to play the sermon; or click on "Download" to obtain a copy to store on your own computer for playing later. You can also click on the "Passage" Bible references to read the passage(s) on which the sermon is based.  

 It is also possible to  on audio CD if you are unable to play .mp3 files. 

Occasionally other .mp3 files of interest (apart from sermons)  are added to this library under the heading of "Mediaplay"

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